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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Part 1: Paul Newman Meets Marlon Brando

Paul Newman (b. 1925) was a movie star so impossibly attractive that all the most famous faces of Hollywood, both male and female, wanted to bed him. He complied enthusiastically.

In spite of being a married man with three children, Newman had affairs with Marlon Brando, James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Anthony Perkins, Sal Mineo, John Derek and Steve McQueen, among many others. Women were not neglected, and he managed to bed Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy. As well, he had affairs with most of his leading ladies, apparently giving Marlon Brando a run for his money. Brando was a little touchy on the subject. I forget which web site revealed this tantalizing tidbit:

In Porter’s 2009 biography Paul Newman: The Man Behind the Baby Blues, Marlon Brando commented about Newman’s bisexuality. Porter interviewed Brando before his death in 2004, and relates this quote from Marlon: "He never fooled me. Paul Newman had just as many on-location affairs as the rest of us, and he was just as bisexual as I was. But, where I was always getting caught with my pants down, he managed to do it in the dark."

Hmmm. Most of us think of Paul Newman as the actor faithfully married to Joanne Woodward, a generous benefactor responsible for distributing millions of dollars in food for starving, homeless children. Thanks to the people at Kindle (can’t wait until they ship my Fire in a few days), sixty seconds later I found myself reading about those Baby Blues. It turns out he had three children by a previous wife, whom he ignored, leaving her home alone to raise the kids while he was out all night participating in a sexual olympics. There was more homosexual activity than hetero- in Newman’s early years, although at times he hated himself for his gay proclivities. The rest of his life was lived trying to suppress these homosexual urges, knowing what a detriment it could be to a high profile acting career. However, he continued to participate in homosexual activity well into the 1970s. Gay porn star Cal Culver claimed that he was the last man to have sex with Newman.

Newman idolized Marlon Brando and plotted to meet him. After his discharge from the Navy in 1946, Newman enrolled in the all-male Kenyon College (Ohio) at age 21, with plenty of gay sexual experience under his belt (going back to his high school days). When one of his professors returned to the school after a field trip to Broadway, he was told that Brando’s performance in A Streetcar Named Desire was a not-to-be-missed sensation. Newman hopped a train to NYC and checked into the YMCA, planning to take in as many Broadway shows as he could before his cash ran out. The closest he could get to Brando was a standing room ticket.

Newman was floored, totally swept away by Brando’s performance. He went backstage, but was not successful in getting to meet his instant idol. Newman foreswore any other Broadway shows, returning every night (with better seats) to see Brando’s mesmerizing performance. He hatched a plot to meet him. Having read that Brando rode his motorcycle around the city every night after his performance, Newman searched the alleys behind the theater until he spotted a motorcycle. An hour after the curtain, Brando appeared, and Paul nervously confronted his prey with a well-rehearsed line: “Mr. Brando, you’re the greatest thing since God granted men the right to cum.”

Worked like a charm. Next thing you know, Brando was saying, “Now get your f*cking cute little ass over here and plop it down on my cycle. I’m going to take you on a tour of the midnight sights of Manhattan.”

According to Carlo Fiore, Brando’s longtime companion, Brando later boasted, “I f*cked the kid in all known positions. He even inspired me to some new ones. The kid even resembles me. It was as if I was f*cking my younger self, even though he’s just a few years younger than me. Of course, by the time he got on that train back to Ohio, he’d fallen madly in love with me.”

Back at school, Newman wrote Brando a fan letter every week. None was ever answered. Even so, once Newman returned to college, he changed his major to Drama, and the next big change in his life came when he won a spot at Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio in NYC, where he became caught up in an affair with fellow student James Dean.

But Brando continued to haunt his life. They looked so much alike that throughout the 1950s people came up to Paul mistaking him for Marlon and asked for his autograph. Paul obliged. Even though he had a wife and two children, Paul started an affair with actress Kim Stanley, who herself had earlier had a sexual relationship with Brando. According to one of Kim’s many other lovers, the relationship between Paul and Kim ended like this. Once, when they were having sex, she called out “Marlon,” and Newman became furious. He leapt out of bed, put on his clothes and stormed out after they argued. Kim said. “Don’t judge me. I’m trying to get over Brando. You look like him – you can help me get over him. You don’t know what it’s like to get f*cked by Marlon Brando.”

Newman replied, “You’re wrong about that. I know exactly what it feels like to get f*cked by Marlon Brando.”


Paul had a few other brushes with famous people at the start of his career. When Newman encountered Monty Clift leaving his agent’s office, Clift brazenly came on to him, clasping his hands (and not letting go) and asking for his phone number. Monty gushed, “Where has God’s gift been hiding all my life? It’s not every day I meet a man who’s handsomer than I am.” Monty then kissed Paul on the lips and headed out. Monty’s brother Brooks said that Paul complained about how rough Monty was in bed. “When Monty kisses, he doesn’t do it with love, but to hurt you. You come away with a bloody mouth. When I wake up in bed with him, I find myself battered and bruised. He sure likes to be the dominant one. And just when you want to kick him out, he looks up at you with those soulful eyes, and you melt.”

Shelley Winters blabbed that she once had a three-way with Brando and Newman. She later told her lover John Ireland, “In the 40s I had a three-way with Gable and Flynn; in the 50s I sampled Newman and Brando together. I can’t wait to see what the 60s will bring.”

Frank Sinatra once invited Newman to join him and Marilyn Monroe in a three-way, but first Sinatra had to feel him out, wanting to be sure Paul “was into girls.” Sinatra said he had gotten mixed reports about Newman’s proclivities. He told Newman, “Marilyn and I agree you’re one cute guy. I told her I’d f*ck you myself if I were into boys.” Paul was incredulous. Sinatra continued. “Well, even the Caesars liked a little diversion. I slipped a peek and saw your naked ass bobbing up and down while you f*cked that two-bit whore last time; it looked mighty tempting.”

Darwin Porter’s biography, “Paul Newman: The Man Behind the Baby Blues” (2009). 

To be continued...


  1. Is it true all this? Because... Wuo...

  2. why you write such a crap? this is the biggest trash I´ve ever read

  3. Response from your blogger himself: You might consider this trash, but a primary source of this information is Marlon Brando himself. Both Brando and Newman were bisexuals, and at the end of his career Brando admitted it to his public. Many readers cannot absorb this sort of information about someone they idolize, so they reject it out of hand. The fact that you published this comment anonymously speaks volumes about you. I hope you realize that many gay/bisexual movie stars were protected by silence during their active careers out of respect. Many of those who knew about an actor's sex life refrained from commenting on it, because to do so would ruin the career of the actor.

  4. All actors are "people", duhhhh?..It would strange if they "didn't" act like people...will be very glad(if ever) when sexual preference and behavior is accepted for what it is...mother nature playing with our complicated brains and genitals...glad to hear those two beautiful boys had fun together.."threesome"?

  5. Paul Newman was an artist. Of course, he was bi sexual.

  6. The glaring problem here, in my humble opinion, is the wanton disrespect to his legal marriage partner. Gay, straight or bi, this type of flagrant lack of restraint is sad. Unfortunately it is happening all too often today and unless adults begin to get serious with their commitments, this type of unbridled activity will continue to increase.

    1. I dare u to post that BC I bet u have no balls so prove me wrong and view all sides

  7. Depressing number of 'anonymous' postings on here. Anyhoo -I remember when I interviewed Kenneth Anger for Gay News (UK) in the 1970s, he gave me some fascinating information about Paul Newman's assignations in a Manhattan hotel. And of course I put those quotes into the finished article - but the paper's lawyers removed it, along with dish about The Who, Tony Curtis and Alain Delon.

  8. I don't know if I can even believe all this! Is this real or some made up bs?

  9. After finding out about Brando, Newman,and others, it really doesn't bother me at all. What's really upsetting is so many people either refuse to believe it or completely stop admiring the talent of these wonderful actors! I can't blame these actors for shutting down, turning to drugs, or becoming really depresses!! These actors who have entertained us for years really deserve some private life!! People who disagree, get mad, or just cant accept actor's lives off the screen don't realize the damage they do!! I can't help but wonder if several of our favorite actors hadn't been thrown under the bus for their private lives would they still be around today? It's time to grow up and give them some space and peace so we may enjoy all the wonderful talent they've brought into our hearts.

  10. You guys do realize that Darwin Porter makes up most of what he writes, right? Not just about Brando and Newman, but EVERYONE?

  11. You must all realize that gay Hollywood was created by its predecessor gay Vaudville and gay Vaudeville was created by it's predecessor gay Shakespear. Shakespeare was gay and all of the parts of women were played by gay men because they didn't allow women to perform in plays in that era. Hollywood studio's were staffed by gay talent scouts, gay producers, gay director, and gay studio executives. Fans of these macho movie stars must understand that when they started in the movies they were just young kids themselves in their early teens and twenties and men like John Wayne, Marlon Brandon, Paul Newman, Burt Lancaster, Steve Mcqueen, Charlton Heston etc.had to give into gay sex with gay talent scouts and gay producers to get the primo parts. John Wayne was caught by a made getting a blowjob by a naked you boy at the Sportsmans Lodge in the Valley near Los Angeles California. Charlton Heston lured gay actor Nick Adams from the series Rebel and the Movie Rebel without a cause to his Mansion in Beverly Hills California and Nick Adams says Heston tore off his clothes, mounted Adams and pounded his ass all night. Adams says he didn't think Heston would ever take hid dick out if his ass. Adams also states that Heston was well hung. John Wayne and Charlton Heston were closeted gay conservative men in public but in private the secretly hated conservatives because they disapproved of their gay sex lives.Scotty Bowers the gay Hollywood pimp who had gay sex with most of the leading men in the 1930s 40s 50s 60s and 70s writes in his book Full Service that all of Hollywoid was gay back then. He says ironically it was gay male movie stars that taught straight men in America how to be macho men. The studio's were brilliant at covering up their gay lifestyles by forcing gay movie stars to marry lesbian movie stars and have children with them so neither one of them could out the other. On another note Nancy Reagan was known for giving the best blowjob in Hollywood in the early 1940s and 50s according to Peter Laughton who says he and another actor pulled a gang bang on Nancy in their car as they were all driving backnto Hollywood. He watched the 1980 pesidential election of Ronald Reagan and saw Nancy standing next to him and he commented there's the whore of Hollywood, that bitch sucked more dicks than anyone. Hollywood is still gay today and it will continue to be gay in the future. We have no idea which Hollywood actors are gay today but most of them are closeted like their predecessors. I believe that the world has always been run by gay men, the Egyptian Pharaohs many of them were gay. The Ceasars were gay. The kings of England many of them were gay. With all of the gay sex going on between married men and men with girl friends it is a wonder that any children are born Gay firemen, gay police, gay politicians, gay Teamster truck drivers. Gay athletes, rappers, gay country music stars. Etc. Get over it and get use to it, gay sex has been around as long as man has been around and it aint going away. Look to your left and look to your right, look at your fathers and brothers and grandfathers and uncles and mothers in your households because you may be looking at a closeted gay man. Signed Straight Man telling it like it is.

  12. John F. Kennedy was also bi sexual he had a relationship with a gay man named Lem Billings in the 1950s and 60S. Kennedy got blowjobs from Billings. Marylyn Monroe lezed out also. Gene Kelly and Fred Astair had gay sex with Marlon Brando.Straight man.

  13. Personally, I never found Marlon Brando the least bit attractive, but I guess it's a matter of taste. Newman, however, could have had me whenever he wanted it. He was flat-out gorgeous!

  14. What a load of crap. You're a cheap Kenneth Anger wannabe. Just make stuff up and put it on a blog ... ignorant people with a proclivity to swallow this type of stuff just eat it up, no facts, no documentation, just gossip . Ugh.

  15. Apparently you can't read. The source is listed at the end of the post -- the book "Paul Newman -- the Man Behind the Baby Blues." You (David) have sent other "flamer" category replies to some of my other posts. If you doubt the veracity of my posts, stop visiting my blog. And I hope you get the help you need for your anger issues. There are a lot of people who get off on casting insults -- in that regard you're like our current president. -- your blogger.

  16. I have read all of Darwin Porter's biographies extensively, and wish to state flat out that I have absolutely no issues with the polymorphous sexualities described in any of them, purely on a level of societally-conditioned hetero-normative standards, judgements, or offense of any kind. That being said, what troubles me deeply about Porter's work is the disturbing combination of factual details that are by any measure both fascinatingly obscure, in terms of film productions, artistic conflicts, and period accuracy that often do not appear in other biographies which would certainly indicate some kind of eyewitness veracity, and what simultaneously seems to be a certainly questionable activity of the "conversations" therein; namely conversations that reek of a kind of fabricated, non-historical, and strictly profit-driven stroke-book mentality, pushed to absurd and ridiculously laughable spasms of sticky-paged and masturbatory phantasmagoria. My purely rhetorical question is this: how can these books be so rich in detailed documentation of an artist's life, and yet appear so scurrilous and ultimately transparent in terms of what appears to be purely made-up dialogue, rife with semen and sweat? Everything in these biographies seem at cross-purposes: an attempt to de-mythologize the pathology of a homophobic society through the false image of the American star system, while at the same time lacing the books with a kind of over-the-top smarm that would easily spur that justifiable cause to be dismissed out of hand by any serious reviewer. I leave you to ponder this strange paradox around Porter's modus operandi, especially when it comes to hiding behind the pretense of "full disclosure" in an attempt to break through the façade of Hollywood illusion, and therefore all cultural illusion, which remains with us as strongly now as it did then.