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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Aiden Shaw

British-born model, writer and former porn star Aiden Shaw (b. 1966) had a traditional upbringing in England. He came from respectability and has returned to it again, but there’s no ignoring that wild detour in the early 1990s when he established himself as a popular star of gay porn. What set him apart from his adult film peers was that he was a man of intellect.

Shaw made over 50 pornographic films, earning several industry awards along the way. He stood out from the pack of blonds and their smooth all-over-tanned bodies. Shaw didn’t shave his chest and obviously didn’t sunbathe in the nude – in fact, his sharply defined tan line became a trademark. He was further distinguished by his British accent, although his porn roles required limited use of his speaking voice. Shaw’s screen persona was that of a traditionally handsome natural man possessed of a spectacularly generous endowment (and a rose tattoo on his arm). In fact, his penis was as much discussed in the 1990s as international playboy Porfirio Rubirosa’s(*) was in the 1930s (we're all of us too young to remember – just Goggle him). Many of Shaw’s fans noticed a startling facial resemblance to Richard Gere (see photo below).

*OK, I've received numerous E-mails about this, so here's a hint. To this day in Paris, if a restaurant patron wants one of those tall wooden peppermills, he says, "Waiter, may I please have a Rubirosa?" I kid you not.

He became one of the most popular global adult male stars before retiring from the porn industry in 1999 (he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1997). Although a car accident brought a hiatus to his porn career – for a time he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair – he made a return with four more adult videos in 2003/2004.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to reconcile his current appearance as a classically handsome, mature man with salt and pepper hair and a beard with his actual age – 52. He looks years older, in a good way. Talk about aging gracefully.

He comes across as a confident, worldly man, the perfect type for promoting luxury goods. He has modeled for GQ Magazine in Berlin, Le Figaro and El Pais, as well as in other print venues. That his present appearance renders him nearly unrecognizable from his days as a porn star is surely to his advantage, although the rose tattoo is an identity giveaway.

Shaw has worked in diverse fields, as an editor of an interior design magazine, a poet, an HIV activist, vocalist, producer, escort, composer and writer. Print modeling is merely his latest career turn. He undertook formal studies in film, television, photography and video, subsequently taking post- college jobs directing and art directing music videos. Shaw wrote and produced two albums of music, performing lead vocals with his band "Whatever". Individual tracks are available on iTunes.

The first chapter of his autobiography, My Undoing: Life in the Thick of Sex, Drugs, Pornography and Prostitution (2006), begins: “All I could see were pretty shapes and colours, my dick going in and out of his white cheeks.” From his days as an escort, his comment on how to have sex with men who repulse him: “Well, the thing is, very few men physically repulse me. Like a good whore, I can always find something about a man that I like.”

From an interview with Daniel Lee in NYC in 2003:

DL: What makes you laugh hardest?
AS: Getting treated special because I have a big dick.

DL: Would you prefer not to be treated special because you have big dick?
AS: No way!

Well, there you have it.

Shaw’s writing is described by Michael Musto of The Village Voice as prose that “can tug at your heartstrings and your crotch at the same time.” His first novel, Brutal, appeared in 1996, the same year he published a collection of poems titled If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts Our Ideas and Emotions, How Do We Communicate Love? (it sold out), followed by two more novels, Boundaries (1997) and Wasted (2001).

Shaw completed a master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2007 at Goldsmiths University of London, followed by publication of a second autobiography, Sordid Truths (2009). In 2011, Shaw completed training to become a qualified English teacher.

Shaw was recently profiled in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Hercules Universal One Last Colony, the Havana Affair – in which he models luxury men’s clothing (click on link).

At present Mr. Shaw divides his time between residences in London and Barcelona. In 2016 he reverted to his birth name: Aiden Brady. Here is a sampling of his recent modeling work. You're welcome.


  1. I wrote a bio about Aiden Shaw a couple of years ago for a biographical group (Forgive me Father ... Devils & Angels), and have been in contact with him since he retied as a gay porn star.
    He is now a model for fashion houses in Paris as I understand it from contact with him. About a year ago I sent him some current images alleged to be him to confirm whether they were, and he says they are not.
    He did send me some recent images from his model agency of him as he is now, that have been shared with FMF Group.

  2. IMG New York recently signed him! They only sign the best.

  3. I nominated Aiden for the ice bucket challenge August 2014. Politely messaged him on Facebook and he blocked me! I couldn't then send a message to ask him why. This caused me great distress as I've only ever been polite to him.

    1. Perhaps it was because you nominated him for the ice bucket challenge.

  4. Wish he would do some current nude pics. I'd love to see his naked body and beautiful penis. He's truly one of the most beautiful men I've ever laid my eyes on.

  5. Apparently someone is posing as Aiden Shaw in St Petersburg FL. He just sold his house in Sarasota and will be leaving his Manager Directors position at a local artist gallery.

    1. Well, that's just not right. I insist on close examination of this man's penis just to make sure he is *the* Aiden Shaw and not some imposter. ;-)

  6. Too bad you missed out on one thing : He has been a model in one of the most famous « Pierre et Gilles » picture, where he is in the nude, except of a stetson hat, his cock gloriously showing its curve, surrounded by hundreds of fur toys...

  7. He’s very handsome. Was a looker then, is a looker now. Very talented, too.

  8. Replies
    1. much more sexy now than then!

    2. I liked his look in the HOT HOUSE video: DESCENT. His chest was nice and hairy, his face sexy with rough, dark stubble, his magnificent cock on full display, and his action with other men making this viewer ache to be the object of his lust.

  9. Should have known of him, but didn't. One of the few affluent porn stars, or relatively, and well-educated. I had to look on another site to see the Prick being talked about here, and it is sublime--it is shaped almost like the other gorgeous English model's, Mark Griffin aka Toby, who was the first big Colt Studio star. Toby goes back to the mid-70s with his mags and movies, but died of AIDS in 1993--a secret weirdly kept till 2010. Christ, I wonder if they were from the same part of England, although the resemblance elsewhere is not so uncanny (and perfectly delightful.) I don't know how I could have missed him, though, as he was clearly a successful porn star and accomplished in a number of other things as well.

  10. Aiden Shaw is actually heterosexual, he says so on his Twitter.