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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

George Edward Kelly

If you are of a certain age, you know that Grace Kelly (1929-1982), who became the Princess of Monaco when not yet twenty-six years old, was a stage, television and film actress in her youth. She made her acting debut in The Torch-Bearers in 1949 at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA. This popular satiric comedy was written in the early 1920s by her uncle, George Edward Kelly (1887-1974); the play takes pot shots at the egos and foibles of community theater. Apparently Princess Grace adored her uncle, and the two visited often – George accepting invitations to Monaco and Princess Grace visiting her uncle at his home in California. Many biographers relate that George was partly responsible for his niece’s becoming as actress.

Three years after writing The Torch Bearers, George Kelly won the Pulitzer Prize in 1926 for the play Craig’s Wife, subsequently made into three film versions. An earlier play, The Show Off (1924) had been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Gregory Kelly (husband of Ruth Gordon) portrayed Joe Fisher, and Louise Brooks was Clara, the girl next door, in the 1926 silent film version of George Kelly’s famous play, The Show Off, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. 

What few people knew at the time was that George was a gay man. He maintained a 55-year relationship with his lover William E. Weagley (sometimes spelled Weagly), who was often referred to as Kelly’s valet. That Kelly was gay was a closely guarded secret and went unacknowledged by his family – to the point of their not inviting Weagley to Kelly’s funeral in Pennsylvania. Weagley quietly slipped in and took a seat in the back at St. Bridget’s in order to attend the service. Worse, the Philadelphia Kellys, who seldom missed an opportunity to pass moral judgment on others, forced Weagley to eat in the kitchen with the servants when George and William were visiting, thus reinforcing their acknowledgment that William was regarded as nothing more than George’s employee, a valet. While it’s true that William often cooked, typed, and performed secretarial services for George, William was much more than a traveling companion and valet. The couple were loyal, devoted partners who were deeply in love.

When George and William hosted dinner parties at their home in Laguna Beach, California, the two men sat at opposite ends of the table as equal co-hosts and partners. Subsequently, many of the Kelly clan of righteous Irish Catholics refused invitations from George.

Caricature of playwright George Kelly (at right):

George and William met in 1919, when George maintained a suite at NYC’s Concord Hotel. At the time, George was a vaudevillian actor and skit writer, as was his brother Walter. The story goes that William was working as a bellhop at the hotel, and the two became lovers within a short time after meeting. George educated William in the rules of etiquette so that the two could appear in high society as social equals.

Kelly’s play Reflected Glory (1936) was also about theater people, and it was the vehicle for Tallulah Bankhead’s first major NYC role, that of a woman’s difficult choice between marriage and a career.

In a profile published at the peak of Kelly’s fame, it was revealed that George had some quirky habits:

At first he insisted on directing his own plays, and he enacted every role.

He went out very little and often stayed at home for days, because he hated publicity and celebrity.

His writing desk had to be maintained in perfect order. An out of place piece of paper bothered him.

He often worked at writing plays at the typewriter in marathon 18-hour stretches.

He loved to travel, but he hated trains, preferring boats.

He collected watches by the drawer full.

George was an expert at horseback riding, bridge, tennis and golf.

He seldom attended the theater, going out to a play about once a year. He never saw his own plays from the house – he watched them while standing in the wings.

He had a remarkable memory and knew every line of all his plays by heart. Once he jumped into the lead role of his play Behold the Bridegroom (1927) with only five minutes’ notice.


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  2. Life Partner

    Name: William Eldon Weagley
    Alias: Weagly/ Billy/Bill
    Born: November 27, 1896 Waynesboro, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA
    Died: October 16, 1975 Waynesboro Hospital, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA
    Partner: George Edward Kelly
    Parents: John Adams Weagley, Ella Francis Weagley
    Occupation: Secretary / valet a man's personal male attendant, responsible for
    his clothes and appearance.
    Cause of Death: Death Record Pending December 18, 2018
    Date of Burial: October 19, 1975
    Age at Death: YRS: 78 MOS: 11 DYS 8
    Pennsylvania Death Certificate #:
    Political Party#: Republican
    Social Security #: 140-03-5113; Issue State: New Jersey; Issue Date: Before 1951
    Mortuary: Grove-Bowersox Funeral Home, Inc.
    50 S. Broad St Waynesboro, PA 17268
    Find A Grave Memorial 131178282
    Interment: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

    Special Note: William died YRS: 1 MOS: 3 DYS: 28 after George’s passing.

    I have the Correct William E. Weagly. People have listed the wrong one in Wikipedia. I have corrected the information. I have three sources:

    I also have a blog and I have placed the information in my Blog. Source:

    Now the most concrete Evidence I have the right William Eldon Weagly is His WWII Draft card dated April 25, 1942

    William Eldon Weagly United States World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Name: William Eldon Weagly Event Type: Draft Registration Event Date: 1942 Event Place: New York City, New York, New York, United States Residence Place: New York City, New York, New York Gender: Male Employer: William Eldon/Weagly Birth Date: 27 Nov 1896

    Web Source Image:

    This will take you directly to William's Card.

    Now I placed both Draft Cards in my blog and it shows they shared a home in NYC. You will see on George's Card the same address.

    Jeannette K. Rook